Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don't beat yourself up -

Here’s a strange thing – one element of negative thinking can involve being damagingly nasty… to yourself. In other words, you beat yourself up. But that’s not the strangest part. The really strange bit happens when you know that you shouldn’t beat yourself up, but you catch yourself doing it anyway. Then it’s remarkably easy

Say Hello to Your Horrible Inner Critic

Say Hello to Your Horrible Inner Critic

You’ve probably already spotted that Laugh Away Your Horrible Inner Critic is all about not taking your negative thinking too seriously. And yet, chronic negative thinking and its consequences can be awful to experience and endure. You know what I’m talking about – the self-doubt, the beating-yourself-up, decision paralysis, self-sabotage, the disappointment of not achieving

Inner Critics Disarmed

Disarm Inner Critics and negative thinking

Persistent negative thoughts. Wow, can they feel tough to shift. Even when we look confident negative thinking can be churning us up inside – stopping us achieving, blocking our happiness, often bringing stress, suspicion, jealousy and loss of self-worth. Negative thoughts stop us from doing so much – from getting that job to asking for