Authentic Best Self: Shine a Little Brighter

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Authentic Best Self: Shine a Little Brighter

Right then – in the previous post we built an understanding of who we are when at our best. We made a list of all the positive, inspiring qualities and actions that together, represent our Authentic Best Self. We know how good it feels when you do those best-self actions…


The Best Self Journey May Seem Daunting

You may be having a bad day, or month, or year. And instead of feeling inspired by all this, you may feel daunted and discouraged. Because the idea of this bright and perfect vision of ‘you’ feels way, way too far out of reach. You don’t have the strength, the stamina, or the belief to get there.

It’s okay. It’s okay to feel that way. It’s where you are. It’s your starting place, and it is what it is.

Totally Worth the Effort

In truth, achieving our Authentic Best Self isn’t the point. Most of us (all of us?) will never fully get there – or if we do, only fleetingly. However, that doesn’t mean our Authentic Best Self isn’t inside us and part of us. It absolutely is – and it’s totally worth the effort of getting as close as we can.

Use Your Authentic Best Self as a Beacon

We can use our Authentic Best Self as a beacon. A shining light to guide us to better actions and more fruitful paths. We can use it to help us make better, more positive choices. We can use it to say no to things that hurt us or harm others.

We can use it to be a little better every day.

That’s all it takes to feel good. And it really does feel good.

Small Positive Steps

Small positive steps, taken often, help us bask in the warm glow of our authentic best self. It doesn’t matter that we can’t be our best self, totally and perfectly – just being a better self is fine. Better and brighter than the day before. When we do that, we shine a little brighter, every day.

Shine a little brighter.



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