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Andrew Leigh - Life Coach

Andy Leigh – Life Coach

Okay – so you might be wondering why there’s a page about coaching on this site. Well, in case you haven’t spotted it elsewhere, it’s because I’m a life coach and business coach. Although the main reason I’ve created this site is simply because I wanted to, I’d also happily welcome any new coaching clients it may bring.

I’m not going to bore you here with all the details – if you think coaching might be useful for you, then have a look at my coaching website: Pathways Life Coaching.

Obviously, I’m very happy to work with any of you who want to sort out their negative thinking, become more positive and build their confidence – but there’s a lot more to me than that. My coaching clients come from all walks of life – from cleaners to business people, from office workers to medical professionals. Not surprisingly, they bring a varied bag of life and work challenges to the table.

I also love working with creative people – writers, artists, photographers, musicians and performers. If that feels like you, here’s a page with you in mind.

Here are some of the coaching areas myself and my wonderful clients work on:

  • Positive attitudes and success strategies
  • Improved work and business performance
  • Stress, life difficulties and crises
  • Life and career direction
  • Overwhelm and getting organised

I do most of my work on the phone or via Skype, so even though I live and work in England, UK, and most of my clients are from within the UK, we can work together regardless of where you live*.

Click here to go to my coaching website.

* Time zones permitting

* If you’re very wealthy and you’d like me to visit you somewhere exotic to coach face-to-face, I might be persuaded 😎